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Artwork from the Farm

Currently we offer only local delivery and farm pickup online. Please email us for shipping rates. 

Sometimes one of our eggs is just too beautiful to break, and I have started blowing out our prettiest eggs to forever preserve them in shadow boxes. If you're looking for a unique wall decoration or gift, these will make a beautiful addition to your home. Note that each piece is one of a kind, as we are working with natural products, so may vary slightly from the photo. We can send photos of current work if you want to see they exact piece you will receive.

Eggs are blown out with two small holes on the back side of the egg, so the holes are not visible in the displays. Eggs are washed, then sealed inside with a glue that hardens them and ensures they will not get brittle over time.

Want a perfect powdered blue egg nest to match your existing decor? Have an idea for a piece? Custom designs are available! Shoot us an email with what you have in mind and I'll quote you a price. We have a rainbow of chicken eggs as well as quail and specialty eggs (depending on season).  

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