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Live Poultry

We offer chicks and young pullets starting in the spring through early winter. Pre-orders for pullets will start end of April. We anticipate selling most breeds out by July, so place your orders asap for best selection. 

10% Discount for orders over 10 birds - use code 10BIRDS

Our poultry are:

  • Locally hatched (quail/turkey on farm, chicks mostly from Whiting Farms in Delta).

  • Handled with love from day one, resulting in calmer and friendlier birds.

  • Raised together in large, multi-breed/species flocks, with a few adult birds for guidance. This makes them far easier to integrate, and less likely to fight or bully newcomers.

  • Given spacious outdoor access from 3+ weeks, with enrichments and training roosting bars starting around 3 weeks.

  • Offered greens from chick stage, encouraging natural foraging instincts.

  • Brooded under heat plates vs. lights, encouraging natural sleep cycles. This has been linked to decreased feather picking and cannibalism.

  • Fed non-GMO feed only, including any greens/supplemental.

  • Vaccinated for Marek's disease.

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