Live Poultry

We offer young pullets starting in late summer through early winter. Live turkeys are available from spring to late summer. We plan to offer quail and goslings and in spring/summer 2022.

Our poultry are:

  • Handled with love from day one, resulting in calmer and friendlier birds.

  • Raised together in large, multi-breed/species flocks, with a few adult birds for guidance. This makes them far easier to integrate, and less likely to fight or bully newcomers.

  • Given spacious outdoor access from 3+ weeks, with enrichments and training roosting bars starting around 3 weeks.

  • Offered greens from chick stage, encouraging natural foraging instincts.

  • Brooded under heat plates vs. lights, encouraging natural sleep cycles. This has been linked to decreased feather picking and cannibalism.

  • Fed non-GMO feed only, including any greens/supplemental.

  • Chicken chicks are vaccinated for Marek's disease.

Currently Available: