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Purchase Poultry

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Farm pickup in Hotchkiss or pickup from The Delta Elevator in Delta is free. Delivery options are available for an additional fee (waived with larger orders) to Grand Junction, Montrose, Redstone, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, Basalt, and Aspen. 

All bird sales/pickups are by appointment, and we generally need at least 24 hours notice. Please note: as our birds are free range and running around everywhere, so we can't have folks pick out birds on the spot from the whole flock. However, we are happy to gather a selection of birds prior to your visit so you can have some choices (we know kids especially love to pick their bird!).

Our poultry are:

  • Handled with love from day one, resulting in calmer and friendlier birds.

  • Raised together in large, multi-breed/species flocks, with a few adult birds for guidance. This makes them far easier to integrate, and less likely to fight or bully newcomers.

  • Given spacious outdoor access from 3+ weeks, with enrichments and training roosting bars starting around 3 weeks.

  • Offered greens from chick stage, encouraging natural foraging instincts.

  • Brooded under heat plates vs. lights, encouraging natural sleep cycles. This has been linked to decreased feather picking and cannibalism.

  • Fed non-GMO feed only, including any greens/supplemental.

  • Vaccinated against Marek's. Some also have bursal or coccidiosis vaccines. Our farm-hatched birds are NOT vaccinated at this time, and this will be noted in the descriptions when we have them available. 

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