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Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Whole theses have been written on this topic, but we are clear: on Sunshine Mesa Farm, the chicken always comes first!

Where can I buy your eggs/meat?

Our eggs are available directly from our farm or from The Delta Elevator on Saturdays. Send us a text to be added to the weekly order reminder at 970-329-9323.

Can you ship your eggs?

Unfortunately, no. We are committed to providing food locally, and demand is well beyond our supply. Also, we are a licensed egg dealer only within the state of Colorado.  We absolutely encourage you to buy pastured eggs at your local grocery or farmer's market.  Better yet, raise some backyard chickens of your own!

How many chickens do you have?

We currently have about 400 hens. We peak out around 2,000 in the summer when we are raising layers for purchase.

Do you dye your eggs?

Nope!  Different breeds of chickens lay different colored eggs, and we have about 20 breeds.  Read more about the chickens.

Do different egg colors taste different?

No, there’s really no difference in taste based on the eggshell color. However, because our girls get lots of greens and good stuff, our eggs are richer in flavor and contain more nutrients and less fat/cholesterol than a factory farmed, cage-free egg. 

Some people think that the dark brown Marans eggs are richer in flavor. Fun fact: in the novels by Ian Fleming, James Bond would only eat Marans eggs

Are your eggs organic?

No, but they are non-GMO. We make our own feed at our mill, The Delta Elevator. We prioritize supporting local farmers and using local ingredients.  Unfortunately, most organic feed ingredients come from China, and we don't have enough farmers producing organic ingredients here yet.  The price point for organic eggs is also so much higher, many folks locally wouldn't be able to afford it. We feel a responsibility to provide healthy, sustainable food to the folks in our own community.

In addition to what the chickens find on pasture, we feed our hens a ration of custom blended, locally sourced, 100% non-GMO feed, as well as our home grown, baled alfalfa, and calcium for shell building. 

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