Feed Mill

We are excited to have recently acquired a local feed mill, The Delta Elevator 

Last year, we made the switch from organic feeds to locally sourced, non-GMO feed.  Organic feed is still cost-prohibitive for producing high-quality meat and eggs at an affordable price.  The ingredients in the organic feed are likely sourced overseas, and we weren't thrilled with the consistency.  We switched to a custom, locally sourced and milled feed.  What a difference!  The texture and smell was just...fresh.  And we get to support fellow local farmers.

We found out the mill was for sale, and we decided to go for it.  This mill is one of the few in the area, and we want to make sure producers like us still have high-quality, fresh feed.  The mill will continue to produce feed for all livestock, including chickens, cattle, swine, sheep, goats, and horses.  

The Delta Elevator now uses non-GMO corn & soy in all its feed mixes, and we hope to get all our products Non-GMO Project Verified in the coming year.  We'll be posting more updates in the coming months!