Holiday Turkeys

Our Artisan Gold turkeys are a specialty culinary turkey developed based on French gastronomy. They have exceptional flavor and tenderness, with a distinct "turkey" flavor.  We raised these as a test batch last year for friends and family, and were extremely pleased. Most folks told us it was the best turkey they'd ever had. Artisan Golds are a smaller table bird. Turkeys will finish at 10-18lbs processed (we do our best to honor your size request). Processed turkeys will be available starting in mid-October.


We are SOLD OUT for our 2021 season, thank you for your support! Our turkeys typically sell out around 6 weeks before Thanksgiving, so early reservations are recommended. If you want to be added to the pre-order list for next year, send us a note and we'll be sure to reserve your bird. We'll start collecting deposits in July 2022.