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Pasture Raised Holiday Turkeys

**We are sold out for 2023, thank you for your support!**


We suggest you contact Blue Feather Farmstead or Razorz Roost if you are still in search of a turkey. Blue Feather is our partner farm, and they raise the same Artisan Golds with the same feed and farming methods. Razorz Roost offers soy-free Broad Breasted White turkeys.

Artisan Gold turkeys are a specialty culinary turkey developed based on French gastronomy. They have exceptional flavor and tenderness, with a distinct "turkey" flavor. Most folks told us it was the best turkey they'd ever had. Artisan Golds are a smaller table bird. Turkeys will finish at 10-18lbs processed (we do our best to honor your size request). Processed turkeys will be available starting October 16.

Our turkeys have free-range access to grass and bugs (along with our non-GMO feed). We take humane treatment seriously. Birds are processed on farm using our special turkey stun gun, which renders birds instantly unconscious before they are killed. We handle the birds a lot as they are growing up. This ensures the bird is under minimal stress on processing day (and results in a more tender bird).

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