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Holiday Turkeys from Blue Feather Farmstead

We have partnered with Blue Feather Farmstead to bring you the same great birds as last year (we couldn't raise turkeys on our farm due to the destruction of our poultry house this spring)! The turkey's are being raised just like last year's, with pasture, non-GMO feed, and humane, on farm processing.

Artisan Gold turkeys are a specialty culinary turkey developed based on French gastronomy. They have exceptional flavor and tenderness, with a distinct "turkey" flavor.  We raised these as a test batch last year for friends and family, and were extremely pleased. Most folks told us it was the best turkey they'd ever had. Artisan Golds are a smaller table bird. Turkeys will finish at 10-18lbs processed (we do our best to honor your size request). Processed turkeys will be available in mid-September to October.

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