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Gourmet Pork

Our pork comes from various Mangalitsa crosses. Mangalitsas are a wooly lard pig, known as the Kobe Beef of pork. The Mangalitsa is one of the fattiest pigs, but their meat is considered among the tastiest pork in the world. The meat of the pig is reddish, highly marbled with creamy white fat, and is high in omega-3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants. Their lard is lighter, and melts at a lower temperature, than lard from other pigs, because it contains more unsaturated fat. Our pigs are fed a non-GMO ration, and also enjoyed a diet of many eggs, kitchen scraps, extra produces, fresh grass and alfalfa. They have ample room to run and play, shelter from the sun, and wallows to stay cool in the summer.


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