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Benefits of Pasture Raised Eggs

Happy, Healthy Chickens

Chickens on pasture get to enjoy sunshine, scratch, dust-bathe, eat bugs, and exercise throughout the day. Unlike factory farms, where chickens spend their entire lives in a space about the size of a piece of paper, pastured poultry has room to roam.

Confused about carton labeling? Check out this helpful infographic.

More Cluck for Your Buck

Pastured eggs are healthier for you, too! Eggs produced by hens on pasture have 1/3 the cholesterol and 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids, among other benefits.

As an added bonus, pastured eggs taste better! With gooey, dark orange yolks and a rich flavor, you’ll immediately appreciate the difference.

Benefits of Pastured Eggs

Greener Pastures, Greener Earth

Finally, choosing pasture raised is much better for the environment. Factory farms are a major contributor to greenhouse gases like methane, and the waste from those farms can wreak havoc on the health of people around them. Properly managed, pastured animal farms do the exact opposite. They build healthy soils, sequester greenhouse gases, and encourage biodiversity. In fact, pasture based farms are a huge, low-tech part of solving our climate change crisis.

Supports Small Farms

Finally, most pastured animals are raised by smaller, family farms (even larger pasture-raised companies like Vital Farms are typically comprised of groups of small farmers). Buying pasture-raised means supporting small farms and rural economies. Yes, pasture raised is more expensive, but factory-farmed eggs don’t capture the costs to you, the animals, or the environment.

So choose pastured, and feel better inside and out! And don't forget to encourage your local markets and restaurants to make the switch.


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