The Chickens

Our colorful flock is the heart of our farm. We love our birds, and our chickens get to express all their natural behaviors like running, scratching, eating bugs, and dust-bathing.  We keep a few well-mannered roosters around as well - these guys protect the hens from hawks, break up fights, and flirt with the hens. 

All of our layers are on full-time pasture 365 days a year (we even shovel paths when we have a snowstorm).  Their natural foraging is supplemented with locally sourced, custom formulated, non-GMO feed, along with fermented alfalfa in the winter.

Our flock is handled extensively from the day they are born, so most of our birds are calm and friendly (with the exception of a few legit crazy blue Leghorns).  


Every Day is like Easter 

Unlike most chicken farms, we have a wide variety of over 20 different chicken breeds, from white Leghorns to the rare black Svart Hona. Many of our breeds lay colored eggs, which means we get a whole rainbow of egg colors every day.  

Best of all, the chicken's pasture access ensures you get healthy eggs! Pastured eggs are higher in nutrients like Omega 3's and Vitamin A, and lower in cholesterol and saturated fat.  Read more about the benefits of pastured eggs.


Broilers & Turkeys

We grow and process a limited number of Colorado Gold broiler chickens and Artisan Gold turkeys each season.  

Humane treatment is our highest priority.  Here's how we ensure ethically raised meat:

  • Our chicks are sourced from a local hatchery.

  • The chickens are true-free range with plenty of room to roam, and have outdoor access starting around 4 weeks.  

  • Birds are slower growth and take about 12 weeks to reach processing weight (vs. standard Cornish Cross, which process at about 6 weeks).

  • Birds are processed on-farm, eliminating transport stress and greatly enhancing meat quality.

Where to Buy

North Fork Valley:

Indigo Autumn

230 Grand Ave

Paonia, CO 81428

The Station

235 Hwy 133

Hotchkiss, CO 81419

Roaring Fork Valley:

Meat & Cheese

319 E Hopkins Ave

Aspen, CO 81611

Our eggs are available year-round at the following locations: