Pullets and Turkeys

Some Info About Our Birds:

  • Chicks are vaccinated against Marek's disease and infectious bursal. Beaks are NOT trimmed.

  • Chicks are raised from day 1 on our custom non-GMO feed, supplemented with our organic pasture.

  • Chicks are free-range from week 3, and pastured starting around 6-8 weeks.

  • We interact with and handle our chickens and turkeys as much as possible, resulting in calmer, friendlier birds. Our birds are happy, well-adjusted, and well-suited to families looking for pets. 

Pullets may be picked up at our farm in Hotchkiss. Processed turkey delivery is available mid-September to the Roaring Fork Valley for an additional $15. Please feel free to email with any questions - info@sunshinemesafarm.com