Pullets and Cockerels

Some Info About Our Chickens:

  • All birds were hatched locally at Whiting Farms in Delta. We bring them home the day they are hatched. Chickens are typically superior to a larger commercial hatchery, but most are not show stock.

  • Chicks are vaccinated against Marek's disease and infectious bursal. Beaks are NOT trimmed.

  • Chicks are raised from day 1 on our custom non-GMO feed, supplemented with our organic pasture.

  • Chicks are free-range from week 3, and pastured starting around 6-8 weeks.

  • We interact with and handle our chickens as much as possible, resulting in calmer, friendlier birds. Our birds are happy, well-adjusted, and well-suited to families looking for "pet" chickens. 

Birds may be picked up at our farm in Hotchkiss, at The Delta Elevator in Delta, or delivered to the North Fork Valley area. Please feel free to email with any questions - info@sunshinemesafarm.com