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Point of lay high production hens will be 22 weeks and ready the first week in January. Get ready for a strong spring/summer egg laying season!  Order 2 or more and receive a 10% discount.


This hen assortment is ideal for those who will be selling eggs or producing eggs for a large family. We'll set you up with our highest production layers, including Amberlinks, Ginger Browns, ISA Browns, Pewter Tints, and Welsummer hybrids. Our colored layer package will include some Leghorns and 20% Whiting Greens and Blues, both bred to be better egg producers than Easter Eggers.


High production layers typically lay 300+ large eggs per year vs. the 200+ eggs from heritage breeds. You can expect your colored layers to produce around 250 eggs per year.  


** Please be aware that due to their high egg production, these layers have very specific nutritional requirements. High production hens are egg laying machines and require adequate protein and vitamins. While they are still excellent free rangers, they must have full-time access to quality, properly formulated layer feed. These birds will not thrive on scratch grains and foraging alone, and this WILL lead to severe vitamin deficiencies. Nutritional deficiencies can quickly lead to poor egg production, egg eating, feather picking, prolapse, cannibalism, and short lifespan. 

Small Farm Starter Pack - 25 High Production Layers (Preorder for early 2024)

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