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ISA/Ginger Brown chickens are the highest production layers we are offering this year. A hybrid breed known for prolific egg laying and friendly dispostions, they will usually start to lay earlier than other chickens, often before 20 weeks. If you are selling eggs, this is an excellent layer who will lay year round for the first 2 years. Very kid-friendly.


Please note that as a high-production hen, ISA/Ginger Browns need to be fed a balanced laying formula containing at least 16% protein after they start to lay (all hens should be on 20% grower until they begin laying). Nutritional deficiencies in high-production hens can quickly lead to feather picking, egg eating, and premature death. These birds were bred to be egg-laying machines, and must be fed accordingly. 


Egg Size/Color: Large, Brown

Avg Eggs Per Year: 300 - 350

ISA/Ginger Browns

PriceFrom $16.00
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