27% protein, non-GMO game-bird starter mash milled with locally sourced grains. Great for starting quail, turkey, pheasants. All poultryfeeds have been carefully formulated to provide optimal nutrition for your birds. We include premium ingredients you won't find in other feeds, such as high-oleic, cold-pressed sunflower oil and top-quality probiotics. 


This formula has been specifically designed for turkeys at higher altitudes. Sodium bicorbonate is used in place of mixing salts. Studies have shown that turkeys on diets formulated with sodium bicarbonate tend to have fewer heart issues at high altitute.


Not a complete feed for waterfowl. Waterfowl must also be supplemented with niacin for proper leg growth and joint structure.


Milled and sold by The Delta Elevator

Limit one 50# bag of any livestock feed per order

Gamebird Starter Feed - 27% Protein Non-GMO, 50# Bag