*These hens will be ready end of September*

Crevecoeur chickens are a rare breed that was nearly extinct until recently, when dedicated breeders established a few good flocks throughout the country. They are still tough to find - we have only two very gorgeous pullets available this year. These birds are glossy black, bearded, and have a large feather crest. They are much like a polish in look, but have a much calmer disposition. One of our two pullets is very docile and friendly, the other is a bit more standoffish (but not skitterish). We ask that these special girls go to a chicken-loving home that is well protected from predators, as they can't see as well due to their feathery crests. Although they aren't super productive layers, they would be a very special and beautiful addition to your flock.


Egg Color: White

Avg. Eggs Per Year: 170

Hatch Dates:

  • 5/8/20, ready 9/25/20 



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