Friendly, gregarious, and gorgeous, these make a beautiful addition to any flock. These girls are extremely fluffy and do well even in very cold weather. They make excellent pets and have a lot of personality. Colors will range from lighter red to a deeper mahogany (see second picture). 


We also have a number of beautiful young Blue Laced Red Wyandotte roosters available. These guys are very attractive and good guards of their ladies. All of our roosters are frequently handled and show no signs of aggression. Check out our "Roosters" section in the store to purchase.


Egg Color: Brown

Avg. Eggs Per Year: 200 Medium

Hatch Dates:

  • 6/23/20, ready 11/10/20
  • 7/7/20, ready 11/24/20
  • 7/21/20, ready 12/8/20
  • 7/28/20, ready 12/15/20

Wyandotte - Blue Laced Red