Forget those flavorless Butterballs! Artisan Gold turkeys are a specialty culinary turkey developed based on French gastronomy. They have exceptional flavor and tenderness, with a distinct "turkey" flavor.  We raised these as a test batch last year for friends and family, and were extremely pleased. Most folks told us it was the best turkey they'd ever had.


Artisan Golds are a smaller table bird. Turkeys will finish at around 12-15lbs processed. Please let us know if you'd like a larger or smaller bird and we will do our best to accomodate.


These birds also make excellent breeding stock if you are looking for some meat lines in your heritage turkeys, as they grow larger more quickly but can still breed naturally. They are also very friendly and can calm a flighy heritage line. We are offering our birds as either live animals or processed.


  • Live birds are a flat $60, and may be picked up at any time before September 15 (turkeys hatched on 5/4/21, and are ready for processing around 18 weeks). 
  • Processed birds may be reserved with a $25 deposit, and will be available in mid-September. Total estimated final cost between $75 - 110 each. Please note that you will need to pick up your processed bird within 3 days of our TBD processing date, as we do not have freezer space to store your turkey. Turkeys are shrink wrapped and include necks/giblets.


We are offering home delivery of processed birds to the Roaring Fork Valley for an additional $15.

Artisan Gold Non-GMO Pastured Turkey - $6.50/lb, $25 Deposit